About MaxiTest

MaxiTest LLC was founded in 1996 by Peter Toms and Terry Robb in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Toms is Executive Officer and responsible for business administration, marketing and product design, and Mr. Robb is Chief Engineering Officer responsible for electronic engineering and software design. The company develops products and accessories in the test and measurement field, and also provides high quality engineering/design consulting services for a wide range of clients.

Maxi-Test was established to commercialize Mr. Robb's and Mr. Toms' inventions in the field of vacuum tube test equipment. Over the course of the company's 15 years of growth, Maxi-Test has become the established global leader in the vacuum tube test and measurement sector, with a leading market position throughout the world.

The Maxi-Test team has a proven combination of hardware/software design skills, user-interface and sculptural design sense that produces products of very high accuracy and yet unparalleled ease of use. The company has designed a number of unique patentable electronic instruments and continues to produce innovative designs for test and measurement applications.

Sustaining Engineering Services

MaxiTest also provides high-quality engineering consulting services specializing in OEM companies with offshore manufacturing presence. Our team will analyze your sample designs and create comprehensive root-cause analysis reports that are used to interface and negotiate with offshore vendors, improving production quality, reducing product costs and warranty liability.


“If you have to choose one, the Maxi will do more for you.”
- Fullerplast

“Along comes the Maxi-Matcher to save the day. Distributed by parts distributor Magic Parts, the Maxi-Matcher is a handy, comprehensive tube tester that allows for precise matching of output tubes in terms of bias and transconductance.”

“The Maxi-Matcher made the task easy. … at least with the Maxi-Matcher, you will know that you started with equally performing tubes.”
- John Gatsky

“For a high-end audio shop, or a small tube-supplier like me, it's the best damn thing since sliced bread. Larger tech shops might want to own this, too...buying tubes in bulk and saving the matching fees will pay for this unit quickly... Bottom line: I LOVE MY MAXI-MATCHER!! And, no...I don't get a nickle if you buy one...I hadda pay for mine like any other slob... :)”
- Lord Valve

  Ultimate Power Tube Burn-in Station
  MaxiMatcher II
  Digital Power Tube Matching Station
  MaxiPreamp II
  Ultra Precise Digital Preamp Tester
  High Quality Adapters
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• Stabilize tubes before matching for more accurate results
• Improve reliability by eliminating
early failures
• Visual indicator on each tube to sort out failed tubes
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• Instantly identify weak or damaged
power tubes
• Accurately measure a tubes
amplification quality
• Precision-match tubes for plate current and transconductance
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• Measure preamp tubes for Gain, Transconductance and Noise
• Test any common dual or single
preamp triode
• Audition tubes with dual-RCA Direct Audio Output
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• Adapt non-standard pinouts to
the testers
• Adaptors available for power tubes and for preamp tubes
• SocketSavers for preserving your investment
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